Family Law Solicitor in Oban

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Family Law Solicitor in Oban
Separation/Divorce/Civil Partnership

The breakdown of any relationship brings with it stresses and strains, both emotionally and financially. The impact of a separation is best dealt with efficiently and amicably if possible.

You may feel stuck in a bad relationship; worried about the financial implications of separating; you may be anxious about the impact of separation on your children; you may be in the middle of what has become a complex court action which has been running on for months and can see no way out. When you are emotionally upset it can be hard to focus on the things that matter.

We have the expertise to assist you in resolving every possible scenario that can arise following separation or within the context of a divorce action. If negotiations regarding settlement of a case break down a court action will be inevitable and necessary. We will guide you through every step of the process, dealing with your case expeditiously and sensitively with minimum fuss.

Children’s Cases

When clients need to instruct a Solicitor in a case involving a child, there is always a high degree of stress and tension at the outset. Cases involving children can be very involved and emotions are often running high.

You may have a case before the Children’s Panel, or wish to appeal the decision of a Children’s Panel to the Sheriff. Separately, you may wish for your child to be independently represented in a case before a Sheriff, or you may be having great difficulties obtaining contact with your child, even with a Court Order in place. We can help. We will prepare your case thoroughly and carefully, presenting it in such a way as to achieve the best possible result for you and your child.

Cohabitants Claims

Separating from a partner with whom you have cohabited “as if husband and wife” is difficult enough without there being the worry and expense of a court action. Financial arrangements during a relationship can become intertwined with arrangements in respect of children if one party is left with the economic burden of looking after a child of the relationship following separation, or if one party has suffered economic disadvantage in the interests of the other party or a child.

The law now seeks to redress problems that flow from cohabitants’ relationships breaking down. However, claims require to be put before a court within one year of parties ceasing to cohabit and, therefore, it is important that legal advice is obtained in relation to this type of case or the right of action will fall.

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