Dispute Resolution in Oban

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Dispute Resolution in Oban

Are you owed money? Have you had an accident? Have you got a dispute with someone that you just can’t settle?

Where possible, we will attempt to resolve matters by negotiations. If negotiations are fruitless, we have experience in dealing with the four different court processes, being small claims, summary causes, summary applications and ordinary actions.

We are conscious that, in many cases, timing is of the utmost importance and that, often, an urgent application to the court may be necessary for protective or “interim” orders to preserve a client’s position.

If you have a dispute with another party that needs resolving, significantly reduce the worry and stress of the situation by instructing us to deal with matters on your behalf.

Interested in our Disputes Services?

Then please call us on 01631 705 007 or email us via contact@shawslaw.co.uk to find out how we can be of service.

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